Our Team

Multi-disciplined team of highly skilled professionals from - Business, Creative, User Experience and Technology - specifically for an engagement.

Our Team

Proficient Website Design and development team - We have been providing professional website design, graphic design, logo design, web development, e-commerce solution, website redesign and maintenance.

Application Design and Development - To help solve your business challenge, MindSync adheres to a solid software development methodology, developed by seasoned professionals.

Business processes change frequently, new procedures and tasks need to be quickly mastered. Inability to provide timely access to relevant information, rapidly changing business information, creates knowledge barriers. Our ability to creatively think through problems and try new approaches with a willingness to part with conventional wisdom in the pursuit of a solution, sets MindSync ahead in providing strikingly differential advantage to our clients.

We use the latest multimedia technology to create powerful and persuasive experiences that maximize your exposure and reinforce your messaging. Yet, we also have the experience to know when you shouldn't use animation and guide its use to where it will be the most effective.

MindSync employs the latest practices in user interface design to create effective Website, Flash designs and custom applications. We thoroughly focus on your end user, exploring every navigation possibility. We identify visual elements, areas of focus, and the features that allow your users to easily travel through and manipulate the content. And to ensure success, we gather and incorporate feedback from users throughout the design cycle. Because in the end, the more positive we make your user's experience, the more successful your initiative will be.